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Workshop on internationalization of shows with Iva Horvat

2018-11-15T22:11:02+00:0015 de November de 2018|Pedagogical Activities|

Internationalization of shows Many Brazilian theater companies will lose the opportunity to present performances of great potential, due to the lack of knowledge on how to reach foreign producers. With experience heading artistic projects of [...]

Iva Horvat lectures about the internationalization of projects Internationalization of projects

2018-11-15T22:07:39+00:0015 de November de 2018|Pedagogical Activities|

Internationalization of projects Due to the large number of applicants to the workshop about Theater Internationalization and to the current significance of the matter to the context of performing arts in Brazil, the croatian artist [...]

Workshop with Liv Elf Karlén examines the dismantling of normativity

2018-11-15T22:04:05+00:0015 de November de 2018|Pedagogical Activities|

Non–normativity: creative possibilities of expression In life and also in the theater, normativity ends up governing the possibilities of being and acting socially, silencing individualities and limiting expressive capabilities. The Swedish playwright and performer Liv [...]

Workshop with scenographers and curators of the Prague Quadrennial Brazilian showcase

2018-11-15T21:59:29+00:0015 de November de 2018|Pedagogical Activities|

Intersections between nonverbal poetics The kick-start of the workshop is the challenge of creating scenes and set-up scenarios, in dialogue with the festival’s program, by non-verbal means, based both on the guidance of Aby Cohen [...]

The Pedagogical Activities will have audit-researchers

2018-11-15T21:55:04+00:0015 de November de 2018|Pedagogical Activities|

Selection for audit-researcher The MITsp 5th edition’s Pedagogical Activities give professionals of different fields the opportunity to follow part of the program. In return, the audit-researcher shall produce an essay or a brief review, plus [...]

Director, writer and performer Lola Arias conducts workshop

2018-11-15T21:49:04+00:0015 de November de 2018|Pedagogical Activities|

My Documents Argentine director Lola Arias will explore the lecture-performance or conference-performance scenic format and propose to ten selected participants a radical experience of scenically examine a troubling story for them, through various materials. The [...]

Ana Luisa Santos and Marcelo Carnevale offer a social experience based on urban performativity

2018-11-15T21:44:45+00:0015 de November de 2018|Pedagogical Activities|

Urban performativity: trying ways to be present in the city How can we create coexistence spaces with others, with the city, with the urban expressions and with the arising fundamentalisms? And how to relate it [...]

Participants will share projects and artistic material in the workshop by Victoria Pérez Royo

2018-11-15T21:41:35+00:0015 de November de 2018|Pedagogical Activities|

Translations / Perversions - Victoria Pérez Royo (Spain) The Spanish researcher Victoria Pérez Royo proposes a collaborative work based on “dissent”, inspired by the work and translation concept of the poet Leopoldo María Panedo. She [...]

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