Selection for audit-researcher

The MITsp 5th edition’s Pedagogical Activities give professionals of different fields the opportunity to follow part of the program. In return, the audit-researcher shall produce an essay or a brief review, plus a photo series, a video and a performative speech, which handle the experience and its reverberations. These materials may be published in the Festival’s website.

All pedagogical activities are free of charge, but most involve a limited number of participants previously selected, each using different criteria, available in the MITsp website and social networks.

The same professional can apply to follow up as many activities as they like, but they may only be selected for one. The chosen audit-researchers need to be available for the whole period of the activity.

As the workshops get confirmed, the schedule and the selected participants will be announced. Each activity will have only one audit-researcher. Other audit participants will not be allowed.

Target audience: writers, directors, researchers, teachers, journalists, interested public in general.