Renato Bolelli Rebouças e Aby CohenIntersections between nonverbal poetics

The kick-start of the workshop is the challenge of creating scenes and set-up scenarios, in dialogue with the festival’s program, by non-verbal means, based both on the guidance of Aby Cohen & Renato Bolelli Rebouças, set designers and curators of the Brazilian National Exhibition at the Prague Quadrennial 2019, as well as in the intersections between groups of participants from different backgrounds. The aim of the activity is to offer a metalinguistic approach to the breadth of theatrical language, being guided symbolically and materially by the festival’s program (ie shows, other pedagogical activities and round-tables) and answering the question: how does theater capture life and reality? The six meetings are spread over two weeks to cover the period prior to the festival and the festival days. A open presentation is scheduled on March 9th. With selection.

When: from February 28th to march 9th, in the following schedule:

February 28th: 10am to 5pm
March 2nd: 10 am to 5pm
March 5th: 10am to 2pm
March 6th: 10am to 5pm
March 8th: 10am to 5pm
March 9th: 11am to 2pm (presentation of scenic experiments, followed by discussion).

Where: Memorial da Resistência de São Paulo (Largo General Osório, 66, Santa Ifigênia, São Paulo)
Participants: 20 artists + 1 audit-researcher
Target Audience: professionals and students from the following areas: scenography and set architecture; costumes and visagism; sound; light, audiovisual and multimedia; objects, puppets and props
Curator of Pedagogical Activities: Maria Fernanda Vomero