Curators: Daniele Avila Small and Luciana Eastwood Romagnolli
This schedule will be updated as soon as other events and speakers are confirmed.

Esthetic & Political Thinking

Seminar: The art status in contemporary Brazil: freedom, otherness, mediation

Master class: Body, affection and politics in contemporary theater. With Victoria Pérez Royo*

Spanish researcher Victoria Pérez Royo presents her research on the body in contemporary theater, its implications on affection, and its relationship with politics, considering the performances that are part of MITsp 2018.

* This activity is supported by the Spanish Embassy and SP Escola de Teatro.

When: 3/6 (Tuesday), from 2PM to 4PM
Where: Itaú Cultural

Roundtable: The wrongs of mediations and the isolation of art

In 2017, the gap between contemporary art and the general public was explored to advance a reactionary political agenda. We propose to reflect upon mediation in arts, and specifically, in theater: the harm in invisibility and the bad use of mediations, the harmful understanding of its functions and powers. In the context of uttering of opinions acceleration, and the belief in the legitimacy of non-mediation, wouldn’t the rejection of thought, critic and intellectuality be a decisive step to the isolation of art?

With Marcos Alexandre, Renan Marcondes, Rita Aquino and Wagner Schwartz

Mediator: Patrick Pessoa
When: 3/8 (thursday), from 2PM to 5PM
Where: Itaú Cultural

Roundtable: Criticism is not censorship: whose art can do anything?

In several recent cases, artists have reacted to criticism made by social movements in a blind defense of territory, claiming the absolute freedom of art. However, couldn’t this art be limited in class, race and gender contexts? Wouldn’t confusing criticism and censorship just be another way to silence the voices that until a while ago had no place in the art world, in a privileged context? How do we practice a criticism which is able to listen and combine freedom with otherness?

With Aline Vila Real, Georgette Fadel, Juliano Gomes, Kil Abreu and Renata Carvalho

Mediator: Michele Rolim
When: 3/9 (Friday), from 1:30PM to 6PM (with breaks)
Where: Itaú Cultural

The roundtable will be divided in two segments, with breaks.

Roundtable: Loving and hating the body in Brazil

The instant association between naked body and sex, and the immediate disapproval of that condition exposes a confused connection between the esthetic construction of Brazil’s tropical hedonism and the repression and moralism experienced in current national society. Dealing with the body in art, the naked body as a language in certain works, and its implications and politics are the focus of a debate that goes beyond the problems of art.

With Gaudêncio Fidelis, Laís Machado and Leonarda Glück

Mediator: Patrick Pessoa
When: 3/11 (Sunday), from 2PM to 4:30PM
Where: Paulista Av with Teixeira da Silva St. If it rains, the activity will be held in Teatro da Vertigem.

Public Performance: Viewpoints

Public Performance: Do You Have A Moment to Hear The Word? – Public readings Marathon

Intervention and mediation in the public space: Talk about the mediation of art from the viewpoint of street performances

With Ana Luisa Santos, responsible for the Viewpoints performance and Nayse López, artistic director of the Panorama Festival, which proposes the public reading marathon Do You Have a Moment to Hear The Word?

When: 3/4 (Sunday), from 3:30PM to 4:30PM
Where: Paulista Av with Teixeira da Silva St. If it rains, the activity will be held in Casa das Rosas.

Special Program


The French director Joris Lacoste and the Brazilian writer and visual artist Nuno Ramos – who will respectively be present at the opening and the closing ceremonies of MITsp 2018 – talk about their creative processes. Both focus on the language and the use of public domain recordings of speeches in their works.

Mediator: Maria Eugênia de Menezes
When: 3/5 (Monday), from 7PM to 9PM
Where: Itaú Cultural


With director Aderbal Freire-Filho and actress, director and playwright Denise Stoklos.
Mediator: Maria Eugênia de Menezes

When: 3/10 (Saturday), from 8PM to 10PM
Where: Sesc Pinheiros
Entrance: Free. Tickets will be distributed starting at 2PM at SESC Pinheiros

History, theater and politics debate with the International Institute of Political Murder


Who is seen by the public eye and who isn’t ? With the General Meeting project, Milo Rau and the International Institute of Political Murder complete their work on the political and artistic conditions of global realism. In 2017, the General Meeting promoted a large conference with delegates from 60 countries, with the intention of handing space to those who don’t have their voices heard and who today gather in the third global state, to write the XXI Century Letter. Before the debate, there will be a screening of the Storming of The Reichstag film.

With playwright and researcher Eva-Maria Berstchy and guests Lucio Bellentani and Diogo Costa

When: 3/8 (Thursday), from 10AM to 12AM
Where: Goethe-Institut São Paulo


Latin America premiere of the film The Congo Tribunal, from Swiss director Milo Rau, unveiled in 2017, which is also a play. The project looks into the war that extends for more than 20 years in the Great Lakes, in Congo, with more than 6 million deaths. The work is part of the Milo Rau’s research on Central Africa, initiated with the Hate Radio play, from 2011, which deals with the 1994 Ruanda genocide.

The screening of the film will be followed by a talk with playwright and researcher Eva-Maria Bertschy

When: 3/8 (Thursday), from 8PM to 10PM
Where: Espaço Itaú de Cinema Anexo
Entrance: Free. Tickets will be handed in the ticket office, starting at 7PM.

Crossing Dialogues

Critical comments made shortly after a performance of each show, in the venue and in dialogue with the public. We invite artists and thinkers from different fields of knowledge to cast cross-glances, cross borders and broaden the understanding of the works
Mediators: José Fernando Azevedo and Maria Lúcia Pupo

Suíte nº2 –  Luz Ribeiro, March 2nd
MinefieldMarcio Seligmann-Silva, March 3rd
King SizeCharles Gavin, dia March 4 th
PalmyraChristian Dunker, March 6 th
HamletMarcelo Caetano, March 7 th
salt.Ana Maria Gonçalves, March 10th
Clandestine CountryAndré Dahmer, March 11 th

Essay Space

Curators: Silvia Fernandes, Luciana Eastwood Romagnolli and Daniele Avila Small

Researchers from Performing Arts graduate programs of different Brazilian universities write articles about the creative careers of the MITsp guest artists.

Suit N2 nº 2 – Ligia Souza de Oliveira (doutoranda/USP)
MinefieldAna Bernstein (UNIRIO)
Woodcutters – Pedro Vilela (mestrando/UFBA)
King Size Matteo Bonfitto (Unicamp)
PalmyraMilton de Andrade (Udesc)
HamletDenilson Lopes (UFRJ)
salt.Denise Espírito Santo (UERJ)
Clandestine Country Sara Rojo (UFMG)

* With the Traversing Texts by Marcio Seligmann-Silva and Patrick Pessoa
* Dossier on Performing Arts Curatorship with wordings of Aline Vila Real, Felipe Assis, Kil Abreu, Nayse López and Florian Malzacher
* Interviews with Joris Lacoste and Krystian Lupa

Ongoing Thought

Encontros com os artistas dos espetáculos da mostra, que compartilharão questões de seus processos criativos, mediados por pesquisadores brasileiros

AudioReflex – Pedro Vilela (masters student/ UFBA), March 2nd, 11am at Museu da Imigração
Minefield – Ana Bernstein (UNIRIO), March 2nd, after the show, at SESI
Suit nº2 – Ligia Souza de Oliveira (PhD student/USP), March 3rd, 11am, at Itaú Cultural
King Size – Matteo Bonfitto (Unicamp), March 6th, 11am, at Itaú Cultural
Hamlet Denilson Lopes (UFRJ), March 7th, 10am, at Itaú Cultural
Palmyra – Milton de Andrade (Udesc), March 7th, 11am at Itaú Cultural
Clandestine Country – Sara Rojo (UFMG), March 10th, 11am, at Itaú Cultural
salt. – Denise Espírito Santo (UERJ), March 9th, 11am, at Itaú Cultural

Practice of Reviewing

Celebratory Opening

10 years from now…

Talk with Daniel Schenker, Daniele Avila Small, Paulo Mattos, Patrick Pessoa and Renan Ji, members of the Questão de Crítica magazine, which completes 10 years of existence in March 2018.

When: 3/5 (Monday), at 2PM
Where: Goethe-Institut São Paulo

Daily Review

Daily production of reviews on the festival shows for print and virtual broadcast (

Coordenation and critic: Julia Guimarães (BH)

With critics: César Ribeiro (guest artist, director of Garagem 21 group in São Paulo), Clóvis Domingos – Horizonte da Cena (Minas Gerais), Diogo Spinelli – Farofa Crítica (Rio Grande do Norte), Juliano Gomes – Revista Cinética (Rio de Janeiro), Laís Machado –Plataforma Araká (Bahia), Michele Rolim – Agora Crítica Teatral (Rio Grande do Sul), Renan Ji – Questão de Crítica (Rio de Janeiro).


Contemporary scene: critic overview

The critics invited to the Practice of Reviewing will debate the performances presented on MITsp, their repercussion, and the issues that they raise about the contemporary theater scene.

When: 3/10 (Saturday), from 2PM to 6PM
Where: Itaú Cultural

Debates and book launches

Affections, relationships and encounters with contemporary Brazilian movies, by Denilson Lopes. Comments: Rubens Machado

Perspectives of black theater: dramaturgy and the black scene in Brazil and in Cuba, by Marcos Alexandre. Comments: Allan da Rosa

What do Performing Arts curators think, by Michele Rolim. Comments: Rita Aquino

Mediator: Patrick Pessoa
When: 3/7 (Wednesday), from 2PM to 4:30PM
Where: Itaú Cultural

N-1 Launchings + Round table: The world becoming black

Necropolitics, by Achille Mbembe

Cordel books: The Burden of Race, by Achille Mbembe, and Me, a creole, by José Fernando Azevedo

Roundtable with panel members invited by N-1 publisher: José Fernando Azevedo, Rosane Borges and Tatiana Roque.

Mediator: Peter Pál Pelbart
When: 3/7 (Wednesday), from 4:30PM to 6:30PM
Where: Itaú Cultural