Pontos de Vista

Conception and performance: Ana Luisa Santos
2 de março, das 14h30 às 18h, na Praça da República
3 de março, das 10h às 13h, na Praça da Sé


What is the relation of art – and more specifically theater – with the context of political disturbance we experience in Brazil and in the world? The Greek word theatron, which means “place from which one sees” or “place to look”, gave rise to the word theater. The performer Ana Luisa Santos makes the urban intervention Viewpoints, thinking about what is considered as theater nowadays and who has access to this artistic language. Wearing a sandwich board, an add board carried by a person, common in commercial areas of the country’s big cities, with the words “I Exchange Viewpoints”, Ana Luisa Santos proposes to talk and discuss any subject arising from the encounter with the passer-by. During the action, some people will receive tickets to MITsp shows. Together, the passers-by of São Paulo’s city center and the performer can exchange views about theater.


The unprecedented performance Viewpoints is inspired by another urban intervention performed by Ana Luisa in 2013: Um Museu Comigo Agora (A Museum with Me Now). Ana Luisa Santos wore a sandwich board with the sentence “Do you want to go to a museum with me now?”. The artist proposed to the people passing by, to go to a museum or to a cultural center with her. Performer and writer, Ana Luisa Santos also acts as a curator for exhibitions and artistic residencies, participates in research centers and developing works of theater and dance, with emphasis on dramaturgy and costumes. She is the creator of Perfura\Performance Atelier and co-director of the platform, which was indicated for the PIPA 2017 Award. The site www.anasantosnovo.com brings together the works of the artist.


Conception and performance: Ana Luisa Santos