Liv Elf Karlen

Non–normativity: creative possibilities of expression

In life and also in the theater, normativity ends up governing the possibilities of being and acting socially, silencing individualities and limiting expressive capabilities. The Swedish playwright and performer Liv Elf Karlén, author of Larger than this – Thoughts about Gender-Curious Acting, developed a method to understand how we distinguish and perform gender, sexuality and race in life and also on stage.

In her workshop, she will share techniques to dismantle not only the standard stereotypes present in theater, but also normative acting, in search for new and diverse ways of artistic expression. Throughout the 6-day workshop, attendants will learn new ways of working with movement, with the bodily and figurative construction of characters, and the relationship between body and space. Liv’s method uses masculinity and femininity as creative tools for imagining and interpreting, not as a means for imprisonment.

The workshop will have a translator on site. Participants must apply for selection.

When: From Monday 2/26 through Saturday 3/3, starting at 10AM until 3PM.
Where: Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade (Três Rios St, 363, Bom Retiro. Tiradentes Station)
Participants: 15 artists + 1 audit-researcher
Target Audience: actresses and actors, dancers, performers, activists, students and professionals.
Curator of Pedagogical Activities: Maria Fernanda Vomero