Directed by: Magiluth Thursday
When: March 8th and 9th at 9pm
Where: Centro Compartilhado de Criação
Length: 80 minutes
Age rating: 18+


A group of friends, who belong to the upper nobility, is gathered around the table, celebrating the present time and being here and now. They, in an orderly bliss, hold on to their lifestyle, devoid of big issues, the biggest one being the need to maintain the status quo. Inspired by Shakespeare´s Hamlet, one of the most widely recognized texts of Western dramaturgy, Denmark proposes, through fiction, a reflection on the phenomenon of social bubbles.


In constant interaction with contemporary issues, Magiluth´s productions aim to create a portrait of our times. Denmark is the second part of a trilogy that began with O ano em que sonhamos perigosamente — a play about individuals that faced a historic moment, the upsurge of emancipatory movements around the world. Presently, in Denmark, the focus is on another social contour, the development of narrow social bubbles in Brazil. The show’s creative process, which started in October 2016, had the artistic collaboration of Giovana Soar and Nadja Naira — Companhia Brasileira de Teatro´s members — and the Pachka musical duo. Denmark premiered in August (2017), in Recife (PE).


Directed by: Pedro Wagner
Playwright: Giordano Castro
Cast: Bruno Parmera, Erivaldo Oliveira, Giordano Castro, Mário Sergio Cabral, Lucas Torres
Sound Design: Miguel Mendes and Tomás Brandão (Pachka)
Light Design: Magiluth Group
Art Direction: Guilherme Luigi
Photos: Bruna Valença and Danilo Galvão
Graphic Design: Guilherme Luigi
Technician: Lucas Torres
Production: Magiluth Group

“That is the wound on which the “Magiluthians” are putting their finger, or rather, entering with everything. And they use the metaphor of the almost perfect country, Denmark, to expose our most cherished desires: to be what we really are not. “
Leidson Ferraz – Researcher –