Memórias clandestinas

Clandestine Memories

Where do we come from? What is the history and path of our family? More than genetic or material, our inheritances are, above all, symbolic. We inherit ways of being, thinking and acting, by identification or discrepancy. What is our origin? How does the country we live influence our personal identity? Florencia Lindner (Uruguay), Jorge Eiro (Argentina), Lucía Miranda (Spain), Maëlle Poésy (France) and Pedro Granato (Brazil) will conduct a workshop focusing on testimonies and personal memories that intertwine with the history of Brazil and reveal social and political perspectives of a nation that yet discovers itself as such. The activity is focused primarily on the apprentices and educators of the São Paulo Culture Factories, but there will be vacancies for those interested that come from other regions of the city. We encourage artists from the city center to participate, as a way to dialogue with other São Paulo realities.

When: March 3rd, from 10am to 5pm/ March 4th from 12am to 5pm
Where: Fábrica de Cultura da Brasilândia (Entrance 1: Av. General Penha Brasil, 2508)
Participants: 18 apprentices and educators from São Paulo’s Culture Factories and 7 other interested parties + one audit-researcher
Target group: apprentices and educators of the Culture Factories, as well as students, actresses and actors, visual artists, filmmakers, musicians and performers
Curator of Pedagogical Activities: Maria Fernanda Vomero