Project Description



Katie Mitchell and Leo Warner


Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz


Author: August Strindberg
Directors: Katie Mitchell, Leo Warner
Set and Costume Design: Alex Eales
Lightning Design: Philip Gladwell
Sound Design: Gareth Fry, Adrienne Quartly
Soundtrack: Paul Clark
Playwright: Maja Zade
Cristina: Jule Böwe
Jean: Tilman Strauß
Julia: Luise Wolfram
Cristina’s Dub: Cathlen Gawlich
Cristina’s hands: Luise Wolfram
Camera: Andreas Hartmann, Krzysztof Honowski
Sounds: Lisa Guth e Laura Sundermann
Additional voice and video recording: The group
Violoncello: Chloe Miller


In Miss Julie, by August Strindberg, the aristocratic Julie gets involved with the servant Jean in the manor house’s kitchen, uninhibited by the presence of Cristina, his bride. After consummating the sexual act, however, the roles of Julie and Jean are reversed and he, the strongest, convinces her to steal her father’s money. In the film perspective of this 1887 classic, forged by Katie Mitchell with the Schaubühne Theater, the viewpoint of the narrative alters, giving voice to Cristina. Mitchell and co-director Leo Warner, her regular collaborator, reinvented the classic drama with a multimedia staging in which theatrical performance, sound effects and live footage converge.