The Pedagogical Activities are a set of experience exchange activities between Brazilians and international artists. In this segment of the Festival, the guest artists share their creative methods and their understanding of the contemporary scene. It offers a great opportunity for Brazilian artists to learn from important figures of the art world.

Coordination: Maria Fernanda Vomero

Due to the limited availability of some Educational Meetings, there will be a selection process based on the submission of a brief resume (one page) and a brief letter of intent (maximum 1,400 characters). In the case of open meetings, without selection, prior registration by intent letter secures a spot, if the demand exceeds the maximum number of participants. Applications must be made by email at, stating the activity of interest in the subject field. The number of available spots and the participants profile intended to each activity are written bellow. Submissions close on February 27 (Sunday). The list of approved candidates will be released on March 2 (Monday). Please, consult the “Frequently asked questions” section in case of doubts.

Important! As these activities are free of charge, the MITsp aims to effectively fill all the vacancies offered. So, before you sign up, be sure that you can attend the classes and workshops, respecting their schedule.

Toneelgroep Amsterdam 
The show Song From Far Away, of the Dutch director Ivo van Hove and the Toneelgroep Amsterdam, co-produced by MITsp, will perform its world premiere on March 10, 2015, in São Paulo. This partnership will allow performing arts professionals to follow the assembly process next to director Ivo van Hove, and to participate in class-conferences given by other key figures of this production: the young and award-winning British playwright Simon Stephens; The American musician and composer, Mark Eitzel; and the Dutch production manager Wouter van Ransbeek. Each activity is independent from the other.

Attendance of final rehearsals with Ivo van Hove
Participants will have, for two days, the opportunity to follow the steps of the artistic and technical creation of the show, right next to the Dutch director. The activity is aimed at directors, lighting designers, music directors and sound designers.
March 8th and 9th, from 10h30 to 14h. Sesc Consolação. 10 participants.

Workshop with Simon Stephens: aspects of contemporary drama
Author of several famous texts, as Pornography (2007) and Punk Rock (2009), Stephens will talk exclusively to playwrights and will conduct a series of theater writing exercises.
March 6th, from 14h to 17h. Sesc Consolação. 12 participants.

Workshop with Mark Eitzel: soundtrack in dialogue with the scene
The American composer will teach about a songwriting process based on a character. The group will start from a classic text to create – and sing – a song together. The workshop is aimed at musicians and actors.
March 6th, from 14 to 17h. Sesc Consolação. 12 participants.

Lecture by Wouter van Ransbeek: management processes in the European theater – the case of Toneelgroep Amsterdam.
In the form of an open interview, the experienced production manager will talk to cultural managers, theater producers and the general public. Interviewer: Ricardo Muniz Fernandes.March 13th, from 11h to 13h. Research Center of Sesc São Paulo. 60 participants. 

Applications until March 11th by e-mail to:

The theater of absence: workshop by Heiner Goebbels

The German composer and director of Stifters Dinge, Heiner Goebbels will talk about the design of a performance without actors, built on sound and imagery atmospheres, and his aesthetic choices. The activity, divided in two days, will address the themes: “Theatre of Absence” and “Towards a Perception Drama”. The conference is aimed at theater, music and visual artists, and also at the general public.
March 8th and 9th, from 11h to 14h. Goethe Institute. Up to 160 participants. 

Applications until March 6th by e-mail to:

The actor-director relationship in the creation process: master class by Yuri Butusov

The Russian prestigious artist, director of The Seagull, will speak about how actors and directors may contribute, in a mutual way, to deepen the creative process during the assembly of a show. The activity is primarily aimed at actors and directors.
March 6th, from 11h to 14h. Sesc Consolação. Up to 60 participants

Emma Dante’s method: practical workshop with Cia Sud Costa Occidentale.

Actor and dancer of the Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale, Sandro Maria Campagna – with the support of group actresses – will lead a workshop on the methods and procedures applied by the director Emma Dante during the creation of their shows: improvisation, voice, and body composition of characters. The activity is intended for actors and dancers.
March 7th, from 11h to 14h. Sesc Consolação. 25 participants

The risky theater: how to kill a bad actor. Workshop with Andriy Zholdak

Provocative and controversial, the Ukrainian director of Woyzeck will share about the techniques he uses in his work with performers during the creation of their shows. Exclusively for actors.
March 4th and 5th, from 11h to 15h. Sesc Consolação. 20 participants.

The scene creation and the actor: Practical workshop with La Maldita Vanidad company

The director Jorge Hugo Marín and the actors Ella Becerra and Fernando de la Pava will lead the activity, using scenes of their shows as a starting point for creating and improvising. The workshop is intended for actors and young directors.
March 10th, 11th and 12th, from 10h to 13h. Cultural Center of São Paulo. 15 participants

DocumentaCena theater critique lab

Coordinated by the collective of professionals from four digital sites of Recife, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the meetings are intended to discuss issues related to theater critique nowadays, suggesting guiding concepts to think of critique, rather than technical tools to write it. In these short journeys, the group will talk about journalistic critique and academic critique; about the difficulties and possibilities for a critic’s development and the importance of exchanging with other arts and other areas of knowledge in dealing with contemporary poetics. In addition, a list of reading suggestions will be offered to the workshop participants for later studies. The collective DocumentaCena is articulated since March 2014 by the blogs Horizonte da Cena (Belo Horizonte) and Satisfeita, Yolanda? (Recife), electronic journal Questão de Crítica (Rio de Janeiro) and the website Teatrojornal – Leituras de Cena (São Paulo). These singular digital spaces are dedicated to Performing Arts information and contemplation and they wish to become a common platform.
March 11th and 12th, from 10h to 14h.  Research Center of Sesc São Paulo. 15 participants. 

Application until March 9th by email to: