Project Description

Se ela fosse para Moscou

direction and conception

Christiane Jatahy


Cia Vértice


Director, adaptation and script: Christiane Jatahy
Author: Based on Three Sisters, by Anton Tchekhov
Actresses: Isabel Teixeira, Julia Bernat, Stella Rabello
Supporting film cast: Paulo Camacho, Felipe Norkus e Thiago Katona
Photography and Live Camera: Paulo Camacho
Set Design: Christiane Jatahy e Marcelo Lipiani
Art Direction: Marcelo Lipiani
Costume Design: Antonio Medeiros e Tatiana Rodrigues
Soundtrack: Domenico Lancelotti
Live musician: Felipe Norkus
Sound Design: Denilson Campos
Stage Manager: Thiago Latona
Video Technical Manager and Set painter: Felipe Norkus
Light Operator: Leandro Barreto
Sound Operator: Pedro Montano
Live mixing (cinema): Francisco Slade
Stagehand: Anderson Berne
Assistant Director and artistic interchange: Fernanda Bond
Set Design Assistant and Prop Producer: Paula Vilela
Video Consultant: Julio Parente
Graphic Design: Radiográfico
Assistant Producer: Nathalia Athayde
Management: Tatiana Garcias
Production Director and Tour Manager: Henrique Mariano
Script Collaborators: Isabel Teixeira, Julia Bernat, Stella Rabello e Paulo Camacho
Co-production: Le CENTQUATRE-PARIS and SESC
The CIA. VÉRTICE DE TEATRO is sponsored by Petrobras.


And what if Moscow could be whatever we imagined of it? What if Moscow was a step towards change? If it was a jump into the abyss that would take us to the new? What if it was some form of being born again? From Three Sisters, by Anton Tchekhov, we raise these questions and take them to the theater, to the movies and to the cities, unfolding them into multiple perspectives. Layers over layers in order to talk about utopia. About the not place. About the place we imagine, but are never there. What If They Went To Moscow? (E Se Elas Fossem Para Moscou?) is a play, but it’s also a movie. Two different spaces interconnected. One is the other’s utopia, but each one is complete in itself. On the stage we live film, edit and mix the images that are seen at the same time on the screen. Those two forms of art coexist simultaneously. The public decides what viewpoint to watch of the story. The story of three women of today, three sisters in different life stages wishing for change.