Artistic Exchange

The section Artistic Exchange consists of practical creative meetings of international and Brazilian artists to perform scenic experiments. This practice shall privilege the exchange of intercultural experiences focused on collaborative making.

For this first edition of MITsp, we invite the English artist Simon McBurney, artistic director and co-founder of Complicite company. Along with the sound designer Gareth Fry, also member of the group, he will teach the workshop “The Scenic Creation Out Of Sound Elements”. The experiment result will be shared with the public on the last day of the workshop.

On the other hand, an expert will be invited to document this process, exercising a procedural critique. These reports shall be subsequently published in the next edition of MITsp, expanding the scope and the sharing of such artistic exchanges.

Simon McBurney will also talk to the public about his work in the Complicite company, on March 8th, at 17h, at Itaú Cultural. Entrance tickets will be distributed 30 minutes before the lecture.

Coordination: Ruy Cortez


Conducted by Simon McBurney, artistic director of Complicite company and the sound designer Gareth Fry, the workshop will last four days and will investigate ways of scenic creation that has sound elements as a starting point. The workshop will show how a sound approach may work as a way for the creation of spaces, atmospheres, characters and emotion on stage. The workshop will also explore how the work with sound may expand the sense of connection and listening between the actor and the stage.


March 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th.
Location: Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade
Time: from 10h to 18h


20 participants

Participant profile:

The workshop is aimed at artists with professional experience. It was designed for mixed groups of actors, performers, dancers, directors, set, costume, lightning and sound designers and other scenic creators. No prior experience with sound is necessary, however, all participants must be able to perform and to do physical work.

Complicite’s History

Since it was founded in 1983 by Simon McBurney, Annabel Arden and Marcello Magni, the British company Complicite (originally named Théâtre de Complicité) has toured the world and contributed to shape the landscape of contemporary theater. Throughout its 30 years, the company has carried out a continuous work of experimentation and collaboration, working with groups such as the Royal National Theatre, Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, De Nederlandse Opera, Pet Shop Boys, among others. With a language responsible for breaking boundaries of art fields, Complicite is characterized by an inimitable style of visual theater that emphasizes strong, personal, poetic and surreal images. One of the company’s central axis is the award winning program “Creative Learning”, which reflects and feeds the artistic production through workshops, professional development and participatory projects. The Complicite works in a perspective that in the Anglo-Saxon context is called “devised theater”, which is characterized by experimentation and scenic creation held collectively, not necessarily from a previous dramaturgy.


Simon McBurney

Artistic director and co-founder of Complicite company, Simon McBurney is an actor, writer and director. He has participated in over 30 group productions. His recent works include “The Magic Flute” (2013), for De Nederlandse Opera, “The Master and Margarita” (2011) and “A disappearing number” (2007). McBurney is also known for works such as “All My Sons” (with Diane Wiest and Katie Holmes on Broadway) and The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (with Al Pacino in New York). As an actor, McBurney has starred in films like “Jane Eyre,” “The Duchess” and “The Last King of Scotland.” In 2009, he was awarded as best director at the Yomiuri Theater Award Grand Prize, by the show “Shun-kin”. In 2012, he became Associate Artist at the Avignon Festival.

Gareth Fry

The sound designer Gareth Fry is graduated by the Central School of Speech and Drama. Among the works carried out for Complicitè are the shows “The Master and Margarita”, “Endgame” and “Mnemonic”. He was responsible for creating the sound effects of the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games in 2012 and has twice won the Olivier Award: in 2007 for his work on the show “Waves” and in 2009 with “Black Watch”.


Application and Selection

  1. The application for the workshop must be made until February 21, 2014;
  2. The results will be released on February 24 and applicants will be notified by email by MITsp;
  3. The application for the workshop is free and will only be concluded after selection result. Participants will be selected via curriculum analysis and letter of intent;
  4. If the selected candidate does not formalize their registration until February 26, the vacancy will be available for the next applicant, in sorted order;
  5. The selected candidates must comply with full attendance at the workshop, respecting its starting and ending time.

Approved Applicants List for the workshop

  • Andre Guerreiro Lopes
  • Arthur Ribeiro
  • Beth Lopes
  • Donizeti Mazonas
  • Eduardo Moreira
  • Elisa Band
  • Esio Magalhaes
  • Gilda Nomacce
  • Gregory Slivar
  • Isabel Kowarick
  • Joana Levi
  • Luciano Chirolli
  • Miguel Caldas
  • Miriam Rinaldi
  • Ondina Clais
  • Pedro Granato
  • Raul Teixeira
  • Rodrigo Batista
  • Rodolfo Vaz
  • Sylvia Prado








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