The MITsp is an International Theater Festival. Its first edition took place from March 8th to 16th of 2014, in São Paulo. The program, completely free of charge to the public, includes international shows, analytical dialogues, meetings and spaces for artistic exchange.

Since the end of the historic theater festivals created and coordinated by Ruth Escobar, São Paulo has been deprived of an international theater event. Such festivals were important not only for the theater scene of the city, but they became a reference for artists, theoreticians, researchers and curators from all over the country.

The idea to create the MITsp came from Antonio Araujo, director of Teatro da Vertigem (Theater Vertigo) and Guilherme Marques, CEO of CIT-Ecum – International Theater Center Ecum. Together they devised an event that could give the town a good sampling of what is being done internationally on the contemporary scene. Committed to innovation and cutting-edge performing arts research, the event is based on four structural axes:

International Shows

The program consists of shows focused on experimentation and research, capable of translating relevant aspects of the current scene and function as cores around which the other activities of MITsp will circulate.

In each edition of the Festival, we wish to bring together significant performing works that investigate or state the scenic language and the idea of theatricality, alongside with works that question its own field, making use of other artistic languages, contamination and hybridity.

Critic Views

The MITsp promotes a series of activities that seek to develop the spectator perception, under an analytical and provocative perspective. An example is the public meetings with the guest artists of this edition, where they get to talk about their creative processes. The trajectory of these artists will also be visited through lectures and videos cycles about their complete work. Another planned action is the publication of a book program with interviews and essays on the performances and guest artists of the Festival.

Meetings Forum

The MITsp provides a meeting space, for two days, between foreign and Brazilian artists and technicians, to discuss the making of theater in different cultural contexts.

Artistic Exchange

Practical meetings of international and Brazilian artists will be promoted in order to perform scenic experiments. This activity aims on intercultural experience exchange for collaborative creation.

On the other hand, an expert will be invited to document this working process, practicing a procedural critique. These reports shall be subsequently published in the next edition of MITsp, expanding the scope and the sharing of such artistic exchanges.

The four above-mentioned structural axes make up the body of the Festival and establish a dialogue with each other. All their resulting activities will happen during the Festival’s period, except for the Artistic Exchange, which will begin on March 6, before the opening of MITsp.









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