Ministério da Cultura, Redecard, Sabesp e Secretaria Municipal de Cultura de São Paulo apresentam

Mostra Internacional de Teatro de São Paulo

1º a 10 de
de 2024

Cross-Cultural Dialogues

Lolling and Rolling

With Carmen Luz and Yara Novaes

Guests from different fields of knowledge take a cross-cultural view about the festival’s shows, in dialogue with the artists and the audience. Reflections on the creation process and other themes are developed from the reading of the works in focus.


March 4, Monday, after the show

SESI-SP Theatre

Av. Paulista, 1313 – Jardins, São Paulo – SP

MITsp 2024 - DT - Lolling and Rolling


Carmen Luz is a choreographer, filmmaker, visual artist, curator and researcher from Rio de Janeiro in dance and theatre. Her works address the body arts and imaginary Afro-descendants.

Yara Novaes is an actress, director and theatre professor. She taught at PUC-Minas, UFPE and Uni-BH and currently teaches at FAAP-SP. She has worked as an actress for more than 40 years and as a director for more than 30 years. She has received many awards for her performances and direction, among them, APCA, Shell, Questão de Crítica, APTR and Aplauso Brasil.