Tragedy and perspective I - The Pleasure of Not Agreeing

ARTIST: Alexandre Dal Farra, Lisandro Rodríguez

Argentina, Brazil, 2022 |  85 min. | Parental Rating: 16+


Tragédia e Perspectiva 1 - O Prazer de Não Estar de Acordo

6/6 at 8pm

6/7 at 8pm

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6/9 at 8pm

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6/12 at 8pm

WHERE: Galpão do Folias


Tragedy and Perspective I – The Pleasure of Not Agreeing is a production by MITsp that brings together Brazilian author Alexandre Dal Farra and the Argentine director Lisandro Rodríguez. Digging for ideas, five people find themselves around a bottle of water. They are let down individuals, as if buried alive in their claustrophobic atmosphere. There, they talk and check their positions and disagreements, change positions, find things about themselves and about others, commit crimes and love each other, but no one ever excludes anybody. It is a play about language, an ode to the ability to sustain divergence, to experience disagreement without the need to annihilate the other. The process was launched in the last on-site edition of MITsp in 2020, and continued online throughout the pandemic.


Alexandre Dal Farra is a playwright, director, writer, PhD in Performing Arts from the University of São Paulo. He has won and was nominated several times for the main Brazilian awards. He had texts translated and staged abroad. In 2001, he started the group Tablado de Arruar, with whom he created 19 shows and interventions to date. Also awarded and with an international career, Lisandro Rodriguez is a director, actor and playwright born in Quilmes, Argentina. In 2004, he founded the theatre, film and music studio Elefante Club de Teatro (later renamed Estudio Los Vidrios), in Buenos Aires, where he produces and presents much of his work. 

Lisandro Rodríguez and Alexandre Dal Farra worked together for the first time when Lisandro was directing Abnegação 3, written by Dal Farra, which was presented at the 3rd International Dramaturgy Festival in 2018, and then at FIBA 2019, at Los Vidrios studio in Buenos Aires, Lisandro Rodrígues’ workplace. From there the work unfolded for more constant research; Tragedy and perspective 1 – the pleasure of not agreeing which they now carry out as the start of a joint work with future developments.


If the classical and dramatic theatre knew how to play with the illusion, Rodríguez seems to go against this complex artifice, until the moment he displays it: in this case, a sudden change of light reveals what was always there and the audience could not watch; a way of talking about our own political blindness, from which, as individuals (or as family agents), we impose an unavoidable destiny to society. But Rodríguez enacts it, this time in the hands of Dal Farra.



A work of Alexander Dal Farra and Lisandro Rodrigues

PERFORMERS: Aldo Bueno, Peter Guillermo, Flow Kountouriotis, Rodrigo Bianchini, Rafael Sousa Silva
MUSIC: Guillermo Rodríguez