Thought-in-Process + Cross-Cultural Dialogues

Tragedy and Perspective

With: Lisandro Rodríguez, Alexandre Dal Farra e José Antonio Pasta Jr.

Mediation: Conrado Dess

Guests from different fields of knowledge take a cross-cultural view about the festival’s shows, in dialogue with the artists and with the audience. Reflections on the creation process are developed from the reading of the works in focus.

Lisandro Rodríguez, Alexandre Dal Farra

When and Where

June 9, Thursday, from 4pm to 6pm

Itaú Cultural


Alexandre Dal Farra is a playwright, director, writer, PhD in Performing Arts from USP. He has won and was nominated several times for the main Brazilian awards. He had texts translated and staged abroad. In 2001, he started the group Tablado de Arruar, with whom he created 19 shows and interventions to date. 

Lisandro Rodriguez is a director, actor and playwright born in Quilmes, Argentina. In 2004, he founded the theatre, film and music studio Elefante Club de Teatro (later renamed Estudio Los Vidrios), in Buenos Aires, where he produces and presents much of his work. 

José Antonio Pasta Júnior is an Associate Professor and Senior Professor of Brazilian Literature at USP, with a PhD in the same area and a MA in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature from USP. He completed his post-doctorate at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales de Paris. Author of important essays on literature, theatre, culture and society, among them the book Work by Brecht.

Conrado Dess is a researcher, theatre director, playwright and PhD student in Performing Arts at the School of Communications and Arts at USP. He holds a Bachelor’s and MA degree in Performing Arts from the same institution, with the dissertation Representations and representativeness in the contemporary scene: notes on an aesthetic, political and social crossing, supervised by Sílvia Fernandes. During his master’s degree, he did a research internship at Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Madrid – Spain), supervised by researcher Óscar Cornago. He researches the relations between theatre and race, focusing on themes such as: black theatres, black representation in contemporary scene and aesthetic, political and social implications caused by the presence of non-hegemonic bodies in the scene.