Interviews and articles of presentation and crossing about MITsp spectacles for electronic media ( ).


Artur Kon is an actor and playwright at Cia de Teatro Acidental, created with colleagues in the Performing Arts course at Unicamp. MA and PhD in Philosophy from FFLCH-USP, author of About theatrecracy: Aesthetics and politics of contemporary theatre in São Paulo (Annablume, 2017) and organizer of books Elfriede Jelinek: From impotent text to impossible theatre and Cia de Teatro Acidental: Trilogy of political affections (both to be published). He currently develops postdoctoral research at ECA-USP.

Guilherme Diniz is a researcher and theatrical critic. Graduated in Theatre from the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (EBA/UFMG) and MA student in Brazilian Literature from the Faculty of Language, Literature and Linguistics (FALE/UFMG). Collaborator of Horizonte da Cena website. He has done critical coverage for different shows and theatre festivals in Brazil, such as Janela de Dramaturgia (BH), Segunda Black (RJ) and São Paulo International Theatre Festival (SP).

Luciana Romagnolli is a journalist, critic and theatre curator, founding editor of Horizonte da Cena website and PhD in Performing Arts. She was the curator of FIT-BH 2018 and of MITsp 2017-2020 Critical Regards. Critic coordinator of Janela de Dramaturgia. Author of Today, No? and The mystery of eyes existence.

Sílvia Fernandes is a senior Full Professor in the Graduate Program in Arts of the School of Communications and Arts at USP. She has published several books, including Contemporary Theatricalities (SP, Perspectiva, 2010), Teatro da Vertigem (RJ, Cobogó, 2018), theatre as public experience (organised with Óscar Cornago and Júlia Guimarães, Hucitec, 2019) and Théâtres brésiliens. Manifestes, mises en scène, dispositifs (organised with Yannick Butel, Aix-Mar