A Garden to Educate Beasts

ARTISTS: Eduardo Okamoto, Isa Kopelman, Marcelo Onofri e Daniele Sampaio

Brazil, 2022 |  55 min. | Parental Rating: 12+


Um Jardim para Educar as Bestas

6/4 at 5pm

5/6 at 5pm

6/11 at 5pm

6/12 at 5pm

PLACE: Biblioteca Mário de Andrade

Free event: ticket collection on the day of the show, one hour before the show


Duo for piano and performance, the show allegorically rewrites A Lenda do Oleiro Saburo e da Senhora Fuyu, one of the stories of the book Homens Imprudentemente Poéticos, by Valter Hugo Mãe. Originally set in Japan, the plot is bridged to the Brazilian backwoods and dialogues with texts by Ariano Suassuna, Guimarães Rosa and Euclides da Cunha. Alternating narration, character play, movement and music, the piece tells the fable of Mr. Inhês, who hears the prediction of a hungry animal that would cross the woods to kill his wife. He then decides to build a garden to encourage meditation on emptiness and its beauty, a kind of indoctrination of void. Thus, animals would learn pity by the fear of contact with the “hollow echo” existing in the world and in each one of us.


Eduardo Okamoto is an actor, graduated in performing arts, MA and PhD in arts from Unicamp, where he teaches. Twice nominated for the Shell Award (2009/2012), he received the APCA Awards (2012) and Best Male Performance at the Agadir International Festival of Body Expression, Theatre and Dance (2008), in Morocco. 

Isa Kopelman is an actress, director, playwright, translator and theatrical researcher. Graduated in Letters-English at the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Languages (PUC) and at Escola de Arte Dramática (USP), she is a professor in the Performing Arts Department at Unicamp. 

Marcelo Onofri is a pianist, singer, composer, arranger. He studied at Escola de Música de Brasília, at Conservatório Carlos Gomes, Unicamp and the Vienna School of Music (Austria). He conducted the JedwederKüchenChor, was a music director at Serapions Theatre and was an actor and composer at Studio-BühneVillach (Austria). He’s a professor in the Performing Arts Department at Unicamp. 

Daniele Sampaio is a producer, curator, cultural policy researcher and founder of SIM! Cultura. PhD candidate in performing arts at USP and author of Invisible Agents and Production Modes in the First Years of the Jerzy Grotowski Workcenter (2020) and Elaboration of Projects for the Development of Agents and Agendas (2021), both by Javali publisher.



Created by Eduardo Okamoto, Isa Kopelman, Marcelo Onofri and Daniele Sampaio, with the collaboration of Fernando Stankuns, Nina Pires, Yasmim Amorim and Yumiko Yoshioka, press by Adriana Monteiro | Oficio das Letras and production SIM! Cultura.