Revista Cartografias crédito Guto MunizREVISTA CARTOGRAFIAS

CURATORS: Daniele Avila Small, Luciana Eastwood Romagnolli and Silvia Fernandes

INTERVIEWS: with Artists in Focus, Researcher in Focus and Educator in Focus of the 7th MITsp, made by Clóvis Domingos, Daniele Avila Small, Francis Wilker, Maria Fernanda Vomero, Maria João Brilhante, Luciana Eastwood Romagnolli and Sílvia Fernandes.

ARTICLES: written by researchers from postgraduate programs at Brazilian universities or other educational and research institutions, as well as by critics and artists participating in the Critical Practice Residency on the shows, residencies and other projects presented at MITsp.

EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES : Texts by Dodi Leal, Maria Fernanda Vomero, Ana Harcha and Paola Lopes Zamariola.

DOSSIER INTERNATIONALIZATION OF BRAZILIAN PERFORMING ARTS: Texts by Christine Greiner, Lúcia Maciel, Maria Lucia Pupo and interview with Christiane Jatahy.