Ministério da Cultura, Redecard, Sabesp e Secretaria Municipal de Cultura de São Paulo apresentam

Mostra Internacional de Teatro de São Paulo

1º a 10 de
de 2024

In its 9th edition, MITsp – São Paulo International Theatre Festival remains faithful to its experimental and critical vocation, innovating by bringing a curatorial perspective with shows on the verge of dominant geographical references. These are works and artists whose territorial, ethnic and cultural origins unfold different theatricalities and research. The MITsp Program includes international works with artists from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, and the MITbr – Platform Brazil, ongoing program of internationalisation of Brazilian performing arts, brings together a plurality of themes and languages of contemporary theatre. The programme is complemented by the axes Critical Regards, which invites the audience to think about the performing arts and current Brazil based on a series of reflective actions, and Pedagogical Activities, with actions that investigate new ways to produce and transfer knowledge.

MITsp 2024