Scenic Affectivity

With: Geni Núñez

Mediação: Dodi Leal

This activity discusses the affection monoculture and its effects on the relationship building with oneself and with other beings. Reveals the importance of naming, recognizing and seeking ways to repair colonialities. Through the notion of imaginary reforestation and affection craftsmanship, we will reflect on other clues and ways to build more palatable involvement in diverse relationships.

Geni Núñez e Dodi Leal

When and Where

June 12, Sunday at 5pm Itaú Cultural


Geni Núñez is a Guarani indigenous activist, psychologist, MA in Social Psychology and doctoral student in the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Program in Human Sciences. Member of the Brazilian Articulation of Indigenous Psychologists (ABIPSI) and co-assistant of the Guarani Yvyrupa Commission. Co-organizer of Non-LGBT monogamy + free thought and art Collection.

Dodi Leal