Pedagogies of Teatra Encounter

Love Letters: Death Spiral

With: Uýra

What are love letters? What are the possible loves in these worlds? What bodies have the right to feel and to express this feeling? Who still writes and who still gets love letters? Far from answers, performance is a debate, which may turn into active and collective writing, which may recall the importance of love and its expressions.

Emerson (Uýra)

When and Where

June 11, Saturday at 3pm

Teatro Oficina


Emerson (Uýra), 30 years old, indigenous from Central Amazon. Biologist, master in Ecology, works as a visual artist, art educator and researcher. She lives in Manaus, an industrial district in the heart of the Forest, where she turns into Uýra, a walking tree. Using the body as a support, tells stories of many Natures via photo-performance and performance. Based on the City-Forest scenery, she is interested in living systems and their violations, as well as decoloniality, memory and indigenous diaspora.