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Pocket Show Isis Broken invites Aqualien

With: Isis Broken

Isis Broken’s new album, Bruxa Cangaceira pocket show, which brings reflections on black and north-eastern transvestite bodies. The presentation lasts around 50 minutes, with the intercession of Aqualien, Isis’ trans man husband.

Isis Broken

When and Where

June 10, Friday, at 5 pm

Centro Cultural Vila Itororó


Isis Broken is a transvestite cangaceira witch, great-granddaughter of a host of Lampião, granddaughter of a repente singer and cordel poet, and singer. Daughter of a teacher and a local newspaper printer, she grew up surrounded by books, with an interest in reading and storytelling. The playful appeal made her seek references in cordel literature and popular culture to express herself through her compositions. Her songs are caustic, politicised and move through rap, trap, repente, prose and pop.