Pedagogies of Teatra Encounter


With: Vina Amorim

HER, the thing born in the wrong place. The cell that shoots, grows and kills. HER is the pathos, pathology, death. Vina Amorim’s performance starts from the idea of death as mourning, in a necropolitically structured society. Death is also presented as a bridge to the crossing, as rebirth and transition. Guided poetically by butoh, the artist examines memories, creates images and searches for gaps through which unnameable experiences arise, which can only be expressed through dance. Thus, the performer becomes the curve swerving from the norm. HER is the crossing, the uncertain. HER is what remains after departure, what does not lie and is present in each movement, experiencing the impregnated transit between presence and absence. HER disobeys what was given to her at birth to be undying to us all.

Vinicius Amorim

When and Where

June 9th, Thursday at 2pm

Centro Cultural Vila Itororó


After the performance, the panel aims to question the creative processes in dance in the current Brazilian context, triggered by some poetic sources from the butoh dance and its repercussions. Mourning, death and disease are offered as vanishing points and poles circumscribing a field of poetic forces, allowing the emergence of a dance made of memory traces, made not by conceptual abstractions, but by the weight of flesh. Unnameable ____ made of flesh, desires and poetry. A dance released by a body full of cracks. A dance, a disease, a death, a crossing… Her.


Vina Amorim is a multi-artist, performer, dancer, social provocateur, body researcher, MA student in performing arts. Researches the relations between the butoh dance and disease, death and mourning metaphors. Drifts between the cities of Ouro Preto and Belo Horizonte. Has performed in Portugal, France, Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Santa Catarina. Is an active collaborator of Queerlombos Platform and Antibodies – Dance Investigations collective.