ARTIST: Cia. Dita

Brazil, 2019 |  40 min. | Parental Rating: 18+


6/11 at 6pm

6/12 at 7pm

PLACE: Teatro Arthur Azevedo


The word Fortaleza [Fortress] brings the ambiguity of being the name the State of Ceará’ capital, in Brazil’s northeast part, and to name a military architectural structure designed for defense – pointing to strength and fortification ideas. The Cia.Dita show refers to these two possibilities, since it works based on the city’s iconography, through photos depicting the naked dancers in front of architectural landmarks. The work presents itself as resistance, revealing a political body-city that seeks to make it possible to live in the harshness of urban life, while highlighting its indigenous roots, the effect of the Belle Époque and other historical facts of the capital. It reveals outer and marginal bodies in a permanent state of war. There they simultaneously carve themselves to the violence and kindness of the city, which brings within itself the idea of strength in its name.


Cia.Dita debut was in 2003, directed by choreographer Fauller from Ceará, presenting the show De-vir, in Fortaleza. In the following years it began touring to several Brazilian cities. The group also created the shows INC., Obvio, L’après Midi d’un Fauller, Corpornô, Mulata and Fortaleza. The company also plunged into cinema and other languages. He took part in important festivals and dance events in Brazil, such as: International Dance Biennial of Ceará, Panorama Festival – RJ, International Dance Forum of Belo Horizonte – FID, Festival Palco Giratório, Circulação Sesc Nacional, Festival Viva Dança and Festival de Dança de Itacaré – Bahia, Conexão Dança – Maranhão. Abroad, he performed at Festival Brasil Move Berlin, FIDAE – Montevideo, Festival de Teatro de Rafaela (Argentina), Festival Brasil in Chile, Chile en Brasil (Santiago) and Conexão Cabo Verde.