Deferred Judgement

ARTIST: Jaqueline Elesbão/Coletivo Pico Preto

Brazil, 2021 |  34 min. | Parental Rating: 16+

Despacho Deferido

6/8 at 6pm

9/6 at 8pm

PLACE: Teatro Arthur Azevedo


Having an afro-futurist perspective, the solo Deferred Judgment is an invitation to ancestry resistance and preservation. Using metaphors linked to the universe of games, it brings to the black audience the experience of imagining themselves as a fundamental part in a system that unveils racism and sustains sexism. Structures are dismantled and reconfigured in disobedience to the dominant logic, as a necessary amend enhancing the change of history of violence and constraints. On stage, Jaqueline Elesbão interacts virtually with black faces, plays capoeira with herself, dances with an atabaque. Images of Brasilia and chess, dominoes and snooker games are interspersed aiming at stimulating reflections on the imaginary, black narratives and the construction of the black as the other and with him/herself.


Coletivo Pico Preto, created in 2016, focuses on affirmative cultural actions. The group consists of Inaíra Meneses, Anderson Gavião and Jaqueline Elesbão, creator of the project. The Collective’s first production was the solo Entrelinhas, directed, choreographed and interpreted by Jaqueline Elesbão, in 2012. It took part in important festivals in Brazil and abroad. This show’s research unfolded into subsequent works of the group, such as the web series and documentary Voz sem Medo and the workshop Resiliência do Corpo-História, a study on how historical social violence affects the female black body. Deferred Judgement, new solo by Jaqueline Elesbão, is part of the group’s portfolio.