Pedagogies of Teatra Encounter: Affectivity of Knowing to cross out and take risk 

Pocket Sarau

With: Bixarte and Julian Santos

Pocket soiree with Bixarte and Julian, artists from Paraíba who, together, bring a mixture of MPB with marginal poetry, restraining the hatred and love going through their trans bodies.

Bixarte e Julian Santos

When and Where

June 6, Monday, from 6 pm to 7 pm

Biblioteca Mário de Andrade


Bixarte is an actress, singer and poet. In her shows she brings a mixture of marginal poetry and rhythms echoing Brazilianity. Winner of Paraíba Music Festival, and also nominated for the WME award, in the best new artist category.

Julian is an artivist, singer, poet, who musicalizes transmasculine experiences in his EP Transrevolução (2019) and Show-Manifesto (2020). She has been occupying spaces such as TEDx Macedo and Festival Lia de Itamaracá (PE), among others.